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On this page, you can find useful information about accessing the Oki Islands by sea. Please read it before starting your journey.


Basic Information

All four Oki Islands can be accessed by sea. The ships going to the Oki Islands depart from Shichirui Port (Shimane Prefecture) and Sakaiminato Port (Tottori Prefecture). You can access both ports by public buses departing from Matsue Station or Yonago Station. Sakaiminato Port can be also accessed via JR train.


Ferry Information 

There are three types of ferries running between mainland Japan and the Oki Islands, and between the Oki Islands themselves.


 1) Ferry Oki, Ferry Kuniga, and Ferry Shirashima

Capacity: around 800 people each; transport of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles possible Bookings: prior booking is necessary for cars and other vehicles. Booking cannot be made for a standard (2nd class) ticket. Bookings can be made for groups and for travellers who wish to sit in Special 2nd Class or higher.

Time: 2-2.5 hours for direct connection between the port on mainland Japan and Oki. Indirect connections take longer, so please check carefully when planning your trip and choose the shortest route.


2) Fast Ferry Rainbow Jet (hydrofoil)

Capacity: around 250 passengers. It is NOT possible to transport cars and other vehicles. Luggage is limited to suitcases or bags less than 1 m in size and 10 kg in weight (2 pieces per person).

Bookings: Strongly recommended, as seats are limited and tend to sell out quickly.

Time: 60-70 minutes for direct connections between the Oki Islands and mainland Japan.


3) Inter-Island Ferries: Ferry Isokaze and Ferry Dozen

 Inter-Island Ferries run multiple times a day between Nakanoshima Island, Nishinoshima Island, and Chiburijima Island.

Capacity: smaller ferry called ‘Isokaze’ carries passengers only; the larger Ferry Dōzen carries passengers and cars.
Tickets are sold on the ferry (a crew member will come to collect the money) and in the ticket office. Car tickets must be bought at the ticket office.
However, the ticketing office is not open for the first and the last rides of the day. Pay those car tickets after boarding the ferry.
To load the car, park your car on the designated waiting line for the cars to go on the ferry. Follow the staff’s guide to load the car to the ferry.

Bookings: booking not available. Car tickets for Ferry Dōzen can be bought after the previous ferry departs.



Please check the detailed departure and arrival times of buses, ferries, and the fast ferry in the files below. All fares are one way fares.

pdfファイル「2021 Oki Kisen Line Ferry Timetable and Fares(ferry)」をダウンロードする(PDF:498kB)

pdfファイル「2021 Oki kisen Line Ferry Timetable and Fares(rainbow jet)」をダウンロードする(PDF:502kB)

pdfファイル「INTER-ISLAND FERRY Timetable and Fare Information」をダウンロードする(PDF:243kB)



Boarding Procedures

*We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before departure time (60 minutes if you wish to put your car on the ferry).

1. Documentation (at the terminal)

- fill out a passenger boarding form (in English or Japanese)
- fill out a vehicle form if you wish to put your car on the ferry. You will need to show the shaken-sho (vehicle paperwork) at the ticket office.

英語版 乗船名簿

pdfファイル「PASSENGER LIST」をダウンロードする(PDF:68kB)



2. Ticket Office

- hand over your boarding form (and vehicle form) to the ticket office staff. You can pay with cash or credit card (except for Chiburijima Island, where only cash payment is possible).

- If you purchased you ticket through a travel agency, complete the passenger boarding form and hand this in to the ticket office together with your travel voucher.

- Only the main driver can put the car on the ferry. Other passengers must board the ferry as normal.


3. Boarding

- Please make sure you know which port you will get off at, and check what time the ferry will arrive.


Oki Kisen Vehicle Fares

We recommend that you arrive 60 minutes before departure time if you wish to put your car on the ferry. Fill in the Oki Kisen vehicle boarding form at the ferry terminal. At the ticket counter hand over your boarding form along with the shaken-sho (vehicle paper work). Only the main driver can put the car on the ferry. Other passengers must board the ferry from the entrance for the people.

Oki KIsen Vehicle Fares





Oki Kisen Vehicle Boarding Form

pdfファイル「Oki Kisen Vehicle Boarding Form」をダウンロードする(PDF:86kB)

 *You can find this document in the ferry terminal







Click the banner below to check out videos explaining how to board the Oki Kisen ferries. English subtitles are available.